We got word form an anonymous source that Sony will announce the new Sony A7000 at CES in early January. And it will cost $699 body only which is only $50 more than the current A6000 price. But I guess A6000 price will drop $50-100 til January...


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  • October 24, 2014 12:52, tecnoworld said:

    Samsung nx1 has just been killed ;-)

    jokes apart, if this camera has serious 4k, weather sealing, a better evf than a6000, an even improved sensor and the same great AF, it'd be very difficult to sell other aps-c cameras for 2.5x price....

  • October 24, 2014 11:13, Wally in Austin said:

    Sony continues to innovate. My wife a d5200 user now uses her RX100 II. It's a good sign for Sony and Chikon is way behind. Nikon no where to be seen and Canon with 1 inch cameras that on release is are a year behind Sony and has poor autofocus....

Today eBay launched a special deal where you get the brand new Sony A7 with 28-70mm FE for $1549 (Click here to see the details). The sole lens costs $500 which means you pay $1,049 only for the body!  I think the day will come soon when you will get a new Full Frame camera for under $1,000!


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  • October 24, 2014 09:52, rjbell said:

    Because the lens is worth $500.

  • October 24, 2014 00:07, Kevin Weng said:

    Straight up click bait. Totally misleading title. Admin please don't resort to these shameless tactics.

    What happened to bringing the people the latest in mirrorless rumors with honesty and dignity?

  • October 23, 2014 21:53, Andrew said:

    Shouldn't that be $1549?

The non officially launched Silver 12-40mm PRO edition lens has yet appeared on a Dutch Store listed at Dealsrunner. I guess the new lens will be announced at the Photo Plus show in new York City which starts very soon.

P.S.: The image may be photoshopped by the dealer to fill the gap. But I guess the real lens is coming for real soon :)


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  • October 23, 2014 08:40, Hubertus Bigend said:

    While there may or may not be a silver version of the 12-40 lens coming, this is definitely not an image of it. It is a simple negative of the existing black lens where they didn't even photoshop the red dot which shows up green.

The Tri Navi and rangefinder styled NEX-7 could finally get a successor! According to SonyAlphaRumors.com the new A7000 could be announced early 2015. It will have:

- New 24MP sensor
- 1/8000 shutter
- 4K video
- weather sealed body

And it will come along a new weather sealed 16-70mm f/4.0 Zeiss lens.

Let's hope that rumor turns out to be true!


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  • October 23, 2014 07:01, rjbell said:

    This is something I've been conserned about. Being left eyed using a rangefinder style. I've yet to try one.

  • October 22, 2014 20:13, fortran said:

    only if you are right eye dominant :p

  • October 22, 2014 20:12, fortran said:

    I think it's more related with keeping the weight and size down than with the DoF control.

ZY Optics announced that thee new Mitakon 42.5mm f/1.2 & 24mm f/1.7 Micro Four Thirds lenses will ship from next week. They also said that:

Due to the production issue, ZY optics decides to postpone the release the Sony E mount & Fuji X mount for ZY Optics 42.5mm f/1.2.


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  • October 22, 2014 15:57, Burgo said:

    I believe the imagecircle is only aps-c

  • October 22, 2014 10:47, rjbell said:

    Yes Manual only.

    Anyone know if its Full frame e-mount?

  • October 22, 2014 08:58, Simen1 said:

    Manual focus only?

There could be one more Olympus announcement soon. And it should be for the new updated version of the Stylus 1 camera. There are no specs about the new camera but the pictures you see on top do show the new cam.

via Digicameinfo.


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  • October 23, 2014 00:58, Mike F said:

    Well they had to do something, the Stylus 1 and its tiny sensor just don't cut it anymore. What on earth were they thinking? Sony, Canon, and even more Panasonic have redefined the 'compact camera' game...

  • October 22, 2014 04:13, redherring said:

    this camera looks really nice.

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