That funny Indonesian agency keeps leaking the names of cameras weeks ahead of their official announcements! Here is the image of the newly listed Sony A5100 which is supposed to be announced very soon!

Courtesy of Digicameinfo.


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  • July 09, 2014 15:51, tecnoworld said:

    I would not define a6000 as a camera for beginners. It's a very good camera with outstanding performance and great IQ. If that's for beginners, most aps-c mirrorless are!

    Anyway an a7000, with bigger and higher res evf and touch screen (and ...

  • July 09, 2014 13:52, Ingolfur Hallgrimsson said:

    Sony is sure pumping out these 5 series - starting with NEX5 - while the NEX7 never got an update - which shows that Sony is really targeting the NEX now Alpha Mirror-less/system camera to beginners or intermediate users - they basically told...

Lesnumeriques (google translation here) compared the new Sigma DP2 Quattro quality against the Sony A7r and Leica S2. As you can see from the High Resolution images on their page at ISO 100 the Sigma shows an amazing sharpness and detail. Just imaging if Sigma would make a FF or even MF Foveon sensor!

Some more DP2 Quattro tests:
Try the Sigma dp2 Quattro For a Week Long Test Shoot (ThePhoBlographer).
Sigma dp2 Quattro Full Size Sample Photos (ePhotozine).


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  • July 09, 2014 13:14, RAW JAW said:

    You three have no interest in this comparison?

    The world of photography is changing before your eyes and you make no comments?

  • July 08, 2014 07:23, Aaron Choi said:

    cant believe i actually clicked on that

  • July 07, 2014 23:52, Doug said:

    Awesome URL. I'd visit every day

I know this news will make your day! Canon launched two new color version of their EOS-M2 camera which is available in Asia only (here on eBay)! That was it :(

via CanonWatch.


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  • July 10, 2014 01:58, dick ranez said:

    putting new feathers on this turkey still won't make it an eagle.

  • July 09, 2014 19:26, Ingolfur Hallgrimsson said:

    For the Canon folks with Canon lenses any update to the EOS mirrorless I guess would be nice - I sold my Canon DSLRs and lenses a while back or once I realized how much I like mirror-less for size and weight yet still nice IQ - I find it amazing ...

  • July 07, 2014 12:51, J Shin said:

    At the same time? I hope not! Of course, I was gonna say "no self-respecting American woman would do that in this decade," but, then again, I was wearing magenta and blue jeans yesterday. If I dress like I am *two* EOS Ms, what does it say about m...

That image doesn't look exciting at all but it's precious because it's actually the first photo taken with a Sony curved sensor!

It has been shared by Sony to NIkkei reports the sensor are production ready and while the sensor has plenty of advantages (no vignetting, allows faster and compact lens design and so on) it has also one huge issue. Sony said it's very difficult to design zoom lenses for it.

Sony is rumored to launch such a sensor with the next RX1 fixed lens successor!


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  • July 08, 2014 16:10, Dmitry Anisimov said:

    you're inventing/citing urban legends...
    just making lens telecentric lessens vignetting but nor removes it neither required to.
    vignetting might be removed completely, but because very few applications need it, it's not implemented

  • July 06, 2014 23:18, Dummy00001 said:

    I think, they would have more potential in mobile cameras. Theoretically, it should be easier to make a "curved" sensor of smaller size. With larger size, it would be much harder to maintain the consistent curve from sensor to sensor. But the way ...

  • July 05, 2014 16:33, Matus Kalisky said:

    As you change the focal lens on the zoom lens the lens groups (2 or more) are moving in a complicated way and the angle under which the light reaches the sensor varies and also the plane of focus will tend to change its curvature. Flat sensor mean...

Unlike previous rumors the new Panasonic large sensor fixed lens compact will be announced in late August and not in mid July. I hope to get the specs soon...

Image on top shows the current NX300.

One source reports that the Samsungs NX300 successor could be announced in early 2015. And actually there will be two variations: One without and one with integrated EVF. The source said one camera is called NX400 and the other one NX400EVF.



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  • July 05, 2014 14:21, Zony said:

    Yes, that is bone-headed to not give cameras to reviewers. It must be control issues of the Camera Division managers that shape just a idiotic policy. With such a policy, they win the message war but loose the sales battle. If Samsung is confide...

  • July 04, 2014 23:14, freddyB said:

    Technoworld. You originating IP is logged. if you don't stop personal attacks on the moderator of another forum then you face legal action.

  • July 04, 2014 08:07, tecnoworld said:

    Samsung really has to learn marketing. They give away cameras for free in exchange of spamming on sites and forums (Like it happens with Taffy on DPR, the worst moderator in the world, that opens one thread per day to 'advertise' the nx30 with ugl...

ePostel listed a new Leica camera. Usually when you find it in their database it means the camera will be announced within one month!

via Digicameinfo.


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  • July 01, 2014 06:59, isocain said:

    Yes and No - V-Lux is a designation that Leica have been using for some time on their compact and super zoom models (so 'V'ariable zoom). So it will either be a re-badge of the panasonic FZ1000 or FZ40. Considering the Leica (type 112) is the Pana...

  • July 01, 2014 06:50, bousozoku said:

    The V related to Vario--their zoom designation for lenses?

  • June 30, 2014 08:22, Dummy00001 said:

    More likely FZ1000.

    From my limited knowledge, the LX series in Leica terms are the D-LUX. The V-LUX are the compact/bridge cameras, like FZ series.